How Cruz del Sur was born.

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We have obtained a photograph from when Cruz del Sur was being built. The photo is from 1968. At that time the A Block was almost finished and the B block was only a steel skeleton. We have also obtained a Brochure and Sales Material from that time.

First came A and then B

  • Brochure from 1970/Folleto de 1970 (in English, Spanish and French) PUSH HERE
  • Sales material from 1970/Material de venta de 1970 (Swedish) PUSH HERE 
  • Cruz del Sur as it looks today/Cruz del Sur como se ve hoy PUSH HERE
Postcard 1973/Postal 1973
Postcard 1973/Postal 1973

8 Pictures from the establishment of Calle Cruz del Sur approx. 1975-1980

8 Fotos del establecimiento de Calle Cruz del Sur aprox. 1975-1980

January 1968

January 1968

January 1968

The first beginning 1956

pic. 1

pic. 3


These 3 pictures from 1956 show our area as a large construction site, where it is difficult to recognize anything, but this is where it all started.
However, we believe that the tall house in picture 2 is the Flamingo building opposite the Hotel Scirocco, and the black area in the middle of the picture is the building site where Cruz del Sur is now, built approx. 10 years later.

Estas 3 fotografías de 1956 muestran nuestra zona como una gran obra en construcción, donde es difícil reconocer algo, pero aquí es donde empezó todo.
Sin embargo, creemos que la casa alta en la imagen 2 es el edificio Flamingo frente al Hotel Scirocco, y el área negra en el medio de la imagen es el sitio de construcción donde ahora se encuentra Cruz del Sur, construida aprox. 10 años después.